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MAM Approach to Investing and Portfolio Management

At MAM, we individually manage each portfolio. We understand that each client is unique and complex and we recognize that clients have different investment needs and goals. Therefore, we do not “pool” client assets into funds.

We provide our clients with tailored portfolio management services. We make it a priority to first understand each client’s risk profile, investment mandates, investment objectives, and tax situation, and only then do we invest accordingly.

MAM is committed to providing a unique level of service to its clients which goes beyond a quarterly report of investment performance. We work with our clients to determine appropriate investment policy, select and/or create benchmark performance indices, quantify and define investment objectives and increase market awareness. When appropriate, we will coordinate our efforts with other professionals (accountants, lawyers and estate planners) to ensure the realization of all financial objectives. MAM's broad scope of services includes:

  • Portfolio management and investment strategy;
  • Comprehensive coverage of the fixed income markets
        including Treasuries, agencies, corporates, mortgages,
        asset-backed securities, municipals and select derivative products;
  • Portfolio analysis;
  • Restructuring and swap ideas;
  • Cash flow analyses and optimization of investment income;
  • Market outlook and portfolio implications;
  • Development and implementation of strategy (both short- and long-term);
  • Quarterly evaluation of investment performance; and
  • Ongoing client communication.


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