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MAM Approach to Investing

MAM's strength lies in our conservative approach to investing. Our goal is to achieve superior performance and capital appreciation while continuously managing and minimizing risk to preserve capital.

All bond portfolios are individually managed to suit specific client needs and goals. Therefore, our first priority is to work closely with our clients to clearly quantify and define investment objectives, assist and/or determine appropriate investment policy, and select and/or create benchmark performance indices.

Once the investment parameters have been determined, we can begin the development and implementation of an investment strategy (both short and long-term). Our investment strategy begins with fundamental economic/business cycle analysis and research. From that, we derive our overall market outlook, which is the foundation for all investment strategies and decisions.

We employ "active" portfolio management and continuously monitor every portfolio. Spreads in various markets are continuously monitored to find "relative value" in the marketplace. Through a variety of strategies (duration management, yield curve positioning, sector allocation, intra-sector allocation, specific security selection), we strive to add incremental value relative to the client's benchmark index and to outperform with less volatility and less risk.


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