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Municipal Asset Management was established in 1993 to manage fixed income assets for institutions and high net-worth individuals.

MAM’s success in “individually” managed bond portfolios led to a rapid expansion of the firm throughout the latter half of the nineties, increasing the assets under management and adding a variety of clients including corporations, not-for-profits and foundations.

MAM is active in virtually all of the fixed income markets, both taxable and tax-exempt. Over the years, MAM has developed a strong network of “Street” relationships with sales coverage from the major fixed income market makers as well as regional dealers. Since MAM is not a dealer or underwriter, nor are we associated in any way with a banking institution or brokerage house.

Today, MAM has evolved into a full service fixed income portfolio management company. MAM’s investment philosophy and strategy is still predicated on “individual” portfolio management, and the goal of providing superior returns to our clients with an emphasis on preservation of capital, managing/minimizing risk, and capital appreciation.


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